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2022 Program

One-hundred and sixty initiatives, with more than 400 people who will be speaking: five days to listen, reflect, discuss and learn on the themes of merit, diversity and social justice. Among the guests include over 100 speakers and panelists: about 40% are women (much more than the percentage of female economists, unfortunately still around 20%), 2/3 economists and 1/3 from abroad.

The public lectures of the Main Program are the heart of the festival and have different formats: Keywords to focus attention on this year’s themes; At the frontier with more innovative research related to the topics of the festival; Visions to listen the perspective of established scholars on the most relevant issues; Dialogues and Intersections to look at the complexity of economic processes with greater awareness; In history and History of ideas to help us with the past to better understand the reasons for the present; Witnesses of the time with testimonies of life lived by the world of economics, science, politics and society. This is accompanied by the Anteprima Scuole (Preview for Schools) with the first events of the festival within the Turin schools; forums, opportunities for exchanging different opinions and diverse expertise; Meet the authors to present the most interesting editorial news; Cineconomy, the economy explained through great cinema.
The calendar is enriched by Discussions of the Participatory Program: events organized by institutions and associations, local and nonlocal, to connect different experiences from the world of universities, institutions, and the third Sector.

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