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Rethinking globalization

27 March 2023

Rethinking globalization

27 March 2023

Economists and economists from the most prestigious Italian and foreign research centers will discuss this in Turin, Italy, at the International Festival of Economics from June 1-4, 2023, whose theme this year is Rethinking Globalization.

Here are the very first names and among them already several Nobel laureates.

Economic nationalism, pandemic and war have not stopped globalization. They have certainly slowed it down, but the impression is that we are facing a phenomenon that is in many ways unstoppable, driven by technological progress.

Today, however, more than yesterday we are discounting the effects of the impetuous globalization that revolutionized the planet at the end of the last century and the beginning of the new millennium, leaving a legacy in many countries of distributional tensions that often resulted in the large-scale assertion of populist movements.

There are important choices that are the responsibility of politics on a supranational rather than national scale. It involves reviewing the liberalization agenda led by the World Trade Organization, managing phenomena such as Brexit or the trade wars between China and the United States. Europe can play a much more important role than it has so far. On a national scale instead good to question how to revise social protection systems to better help victims of globalization. Many measures have proven ineffective, but we must not give up.

At the International Festival of Economics (Turin, June 1-4, 2023), whose theme this year is. Rethinking globalization, we will talk about the mistakes made so far with globalization and how to correct them with Dani Rodrik (Harvard); of the economic and political effects of China’s entry into the WTO with David Autor (MIT); how monetary policy can counter inflation when linked to the segmentation of global value chains with Lucrezia Reichlin (LBS); of the future of work with David Card (UC Berkeley – Nobel Prize 2021); of why protectionism is back in fashion with Laura Alfaro (Harvard); of global transitions on environment and technology with Michael Spence (Stanford & Bocconi – 2001 Nobel Prize); of rethinking globalization with Paul Krugman (Princeton & CUNY – 2008 Nobel Prize), Richard Baldwin (Geneva Graduate Institute) and Anthony Venables (Oxford). But not only that, we will also talk about education with Josh Angrist (MIT – Nobel Prize 2021); of social capital and intra- and intergenerational mobility with Raj Chetty (Harvard); of war, Ukraine and Europe with Nathalie Tocci (IAI), Yuriy Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley) and Beatrice Weder di Mauro (Geneva Graduate Institute); of employers and market power with Alan Manning (LSE); of knowledge globalization in history with Joel Mokyr (Northwestern); of how people think about globalization with Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard).

These are just some of the topics and names of the many economists and social scientists from around the world who will be at the Festival.

From June 1-4, 2023, Turin will become the world capital in rethinking globalization.

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