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Andreatta Tinny

Andreatta Tinny


Eleonora “Tinny” Andreatta is Vice President for Italian content at Netflix and leads the team in charge of Italian content.

To Netflix he has brought a strategy for Italian content that takes a wide range of genres and formats: from series, to films, to documentaries, to nonfiction, and which aims to tell the world about Italy as it really is, in its culture, its roots and infinite reserves of our imagery, so rich in history.
The intention is to construct a challenging, unfair storytelling that gives vent to the Italian imagination, that explodes cultural taboos and tries to overcome them, that tells all that has so far gone untold: the other side of Italy, the one that has been removed or forgotten. Projects such as Lidia Poët’s The Law, Deception, or Supersex are definitely along these lines.

The desire is to achieve, together with Italian talents and producers, a creative excellence that can satisfy the varied taste of Netflix subscribers and can be declined for every genre and type of product, from documentaries such as Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi or Wanna, to films such as It was the Hand of God, but also a gentle comedy such as It was Now; to the challenge of adult animation with Zerocalcare.

Before coming to Netflix, Tinny Andreatta worked for 25 years at Rai, where she held a series of very important roles-including, Head of Cinema and Fiction Programming for Rai 1 and then Head of Co-Productions and TV Series for Rai Fiction-before being appointed, in September 2012, Director of Rai Fiction, the sector responsible for producing and co-producing 500 hours of TV series, miniseries and Tv Movie for the three generalist Networks and the Rai Play Platform.

He has innovated with successful series in the Italian prime-time of Rai1 (Doc, Blanca, I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone, Imma Tataranni, La mafia uccide solo d’estate, il Commissario Maltese) and the other Networks: La porta rossa, Il Cacciatore, Rocco Schiavone, Mare Fuori, La linea verticale. All series also sold internationally. Also linked to his direction are major international co-productions designed for the global market such as Medici, L’Amica Geniale, The Name of the Rose, Leonardo.

In 2018, together with France Television and Zdf, it formed the Alliance, an agreement between the three major continental European public broadcasters to produce quality products.

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