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Boitani Andrea

Boitani Andrea


Andrea Boitani teaches Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, where he is Full Professor at the Faculty of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences. He served on the Technical Commission on Public Expenditure at the Ministry of Economy (1993-2003) and on the commissions in charge of the General Transport Plan (1998-2001), Logistics Plan (2004-2006 and 2010-2012) and was an “expert” of the Technical Mission Structure at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (2016-2018). He is on the editorial board of “Market Competition Rules”; on the scientific committee of “Politica Economica – Journal of Economic Policy,” “Journal of Market Regulation,” “Logistics Systems,” “Mobility Lab” and “Utilities Management”; on the editorial board of “Munus. Legal journal of public services.”

Author of “A New Keynesian Economics” (with Mirella Damiani, Il Mulino, 2003); “Seven Commonplaces on Economics” (Laterza, 2017); “The Economy in Your Pocket” (Laterza, 2017); “Macroeconomics” (Il Mulino, 3rd ed. 2019); “Scusi Prof, what is populism” (with Rony Hamaui, Vita e Pensiero, 2019; “L’illusione liberista” (Laterza, 2021); “Macroeconomics” (Il Mulino, 2023) and various national and international publications on macroeconomics, regulatory and transport economics, and applied economics. Editor of and Menabon of Ethics and Economics. He is on the board of the CPI Observatory of the Catholic University, the scientific committee of the ASSBB Monetary Observatory, the scientific committee of the ERC (European Research Center) and collaborates with AREL (Agency for Research and Legislation) and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

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