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Zuppi Matteo (cardinal)

Zuppi Matteo (cardinal)


Cardinal Zuppi entered the Seminary of Palestrina and took courses in preparation for the priesthood at the Pontifical Lateran University, where he earned a Baccalaureate in Theology. He was created Cardinal in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Consistory on Oct. 5, 2019, titular of St. Aegidius Church. He is a member of the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development and the Office of Patrimony Administration of the Apostolic See. On May 24, 2022, Pope Francis appointed him president of the Italian Bishops’ Conference.

Among his publications: Odierai il prossimo tuo come te stesso. Perché abbiamo dimenticato la fraternità. Riflessioni sulle paure del tempo presente, Piemme (2019); Le parole del nostro tempo, EDB (2020, con A. Segrè); Lettera alla Costituzione. Con l’ultima lezione di Valerio Onida, EDB (2022).

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