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Sembenelli Alessandro

Sembenelli Alessandro


Alessandro Sembenelli is full professor at the Department of Economics and Statistics (ESOMAS) of the University of Turin and Research Fellow at Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto. He obtained his PhD from the University of East Anglia.

His research interests lie at the interface between applied micro-econometrics, industrial organization and corporate finance with a strong focus on the application of panel data econometric techniques to firm level data. In particular he has contributed to the literature on mark-up, investment and dividend policies; diversification and multinationality; R&D, innovation and productivity; venture capital; taxation and firm entry and growth; labor demand. On these issues he has published in leading international journals including: Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of International Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, European Economic Review and International Journal of Industrial Organization.

He is a former President of the Italian Econometric Society (SIDE) and a former Director of the Department of Economics “G. Prato”. He also served as member of the Executive Committee of EARIE (European Association for Research in Industrial Organization), SIE (Italian Economic Society) Committee on Research and Research Evaluation, the Academic Senate and the Evaluation Body of the University of Turin, CIDE (Interuniversity Centre for Econometrics) Executive Committee, FCCA (Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto) Board of Directors.

He has acted as scientific coordinator or consultant in several international research projects sponsored by international organizations including the EU Commission, the World Bank and the Banque de France.

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